Lisa Ekus

Web Design: Kevin Alves & Aaron Tayor-Waldman  |  Coding: Kevin Alves


Here’s a cool thing

During one of our many wireframing meetings I joked that it would be funny to offer a vegetarian option for these hero images.  It was totally a joke, but then I built it! The team was psyched on it and so was I so we kept it!

Check it out at



One of the Challenges

was getting the right people to interact with the right parts of the website, this became most evident on the contact page.  We made contact forms for all of the reasons one might need to contact the Lisa Ekus Group and hid them inside an accordion. The team was concerned that it wouldn’t be clear to users that they could open up a contact form from clicking on each panel, but soon after launching, the flood of contact queries the received put everyones mind at ease.




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