1. Share Coffee

    Brand Identity
    So much more

    Share coffee was a dream project come true. In one job it combined all of my favorite things: brand design, intense user interface design, curvy letters, bright colors, working with great friends and of course, Coffee! Aaron Taylor-Waldman and I helped to build Share Coffee from the ground up. I’m psyched, the coffee is awesome, I got to do a bunch of pencil and paper drawings, everyone won this time.

  2. Fire Roasted

    Web Design
    Web Development

    Fire Roasted is a high-end caterer in the Berkshires of Massachusetts dedicated to cooking locally sourced, highest quality ingredients with fire. Lot’s of fire.

    Art Direction: Aaron Taylor-Waldman
    Design & Coding: Kevin Alves

  3. Lisa Ekus

    Web Design
    Web Development

    The Lisa Ekus Group is a full service culinary agency.
    What does that mean? A lot of things, and we worked tirelessly to make that clear to the user. Challenges abounded but in the end we simplified an old fashioned wordpress site with over a hundred pages, all with different table layouts, to one with a simplified navigation that funnels the right people to the right places. Then we ate tacos and it was delicious.